Maximize Movement for Peak Productivity

How many hours a day are you sitting?

How many hours a day are you sitting? Despite professionals' growing propensity for working from a mobile device, 84% of office workers say they sit for four or more hours a day, and more than half of those workers say they sit for six or more hours a day, according to ergonomic research from furniture manufacturer Allsteel. The effects that modern technology and offices have on the body are well documented, from carpal tunnel syndrome to neck pain brought on by smartphones, but you can change up your sedentary workday with some great results.

According to Dr. Lauren Gant, the head of Allsteel's Ergonomics Group, there are a few easy ways to get a little mobility even when you have a lot to get done in the office:

Take your work away from your computer. When doing work that can be taken on the move or accessed via a mobile device, look for alternative work areas around your office, like standing-height counters or tables, or open areas with more relaxed seating.

Meet on the move. Rather than fighting for time on the conference room schedule, invite your other meeting participants to go on the move with you, walking around the building or standing in an open area. Even pacing while on calls (while respecting coworkers' space) can help break up a sedentary day.

Don't fight the fidgets. Reclining and fidgeting while seated can vary your posture and reduce your exposure to some of the common concerns about sitting all day. Changing your posture frequently can avoid your body settling in to any one position for too long.

Depend on design. With the growing design and distribution of alternative workstations like treadmill and sit-to-stand workstations, there are a number of options that maximize movement while without sacrificing productivity.

So how do these tips benefit the average office worker? Take a look:

Benefits of workplace movementAllsteel's The Importance of Movement in the Workplace

For the full results of the study, visit Allsteel's Ergonomics page, and for inspirational ideas on how to design with more movement in mind, check out our latest Look Book.