8 Ways to Keep Your Restroom Spotless for Less

Get tips you can use today to manage the facilities budget.

Did you know the typical facility's restrooms take up only 5% of the floor space, but account for up to 40% of the supplies spend? Here's another eye-opener: More than 50% of the complaints the facility manager receives are about the restroom.

Because restrooms are so key to the health and wellness of employees and visitors and the overall perception of your facility, they require a robust maintenance program. 

Here are some ideas to reduce costs and long-term effects.

  1. Switch from folded hand towels to controlled roll towels to reduce costs by 30%, plus up to 97% of the labor used in loading dispensers.
  2. Go from jumbo- or standard household-style toilet tissue to a coreless solution to increase dispenser capacity, improve user experience, and reduce outage complaints, pilferage and waste. 
  3. Replace open, bulk soap dispensers with sanitary, sealed, foam cartridges to increase user compliance for handwashing, improve wellness and user satisfaction.
  4. Reevaluate your aerosol air care systems. Different systems offer more economical methods of improving the air care in your restrooms.
  5.  Switch from ready to use (RTU) chemicals, aerosol cleaners and disinfectants to a chemical management program to reduce costs, training requirements, personal protective equipment (PPE) and the chance of worker injuries.
  6. Replace low density liners with high density liners. They use 2/3 less poly resin to manufacture, are stronger, cost less and reduce the environmental impact from plastic waste.
  7. Upgrade to automatic, touchless fixtures for toilets and urinals to decrease water usage and maintenance and improve customer satisfaction. Similar faucets also reduce usage and make the restroom healthier and much more appealing. Switch from labor intensive, less effective manual mopping and scrubbing to touch-free, powered restroom cleaning equipment.

You can make these cost-saving changes all at once in a restroom overhaul or phase them out over time to gradually improve appearance and reduce complaints.