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Looking to inspire collaboration in your office? Learn new tips and tools for making the most of your office community.


Co-working Office vs. Working Remotely: What's Best for Your Business?

As your team grows, you want to keep your employees happy and productive. Here's why a co-working office or a remote-work policy might help you do that.

Co-working Space and Community: How to Learn From Other Companies in the Space

Your co-working space provides countless opportunities for learning from other companies. Here's how to capitalize on them to improve your small business.

Collaboration Tools for Companies on the Go

Here's a look at how to keep your company flexible with collaboration tools your entire team can use — wherever they're working from.

4 Ways to Improve Perception of Procurement at Your Company

Get ideas and strategies to change how your internal business partners view the procurement organization.

Taking Collaboration by Storm: 3 Gamestorming Ideas to Help Your SMB Foster Innovation

Here are three simple gamestorming ideas that will help your employees think creatively.

Building Strong Business Partnerships: 3 Things To Do Before You Begin

The following three actions can help you build strong business partnerships.

Savings Without Disruption

Morning Calm Management sees 3X return on its investment in Staples Premium.

Foster Employee Communication to Access Your Team's Untapped Potential

Use these tips on leveraging employee communication to produce new ideas about your business and simultaneously foster creativity among your staff.