Office Desk Accessories and Ideas to Energize Your Workplace Style

Paying attention to stylish touches in the workplace can help increase your mood and productivity.

An office environment shouldn’t be merely functional. Having a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing place to work can provide a sense of energy and help boost productivity.

Instead of outfitting your workplace with standard-issue supplies, try elevating your surroundings with stylish touches. And as office admin, you can improve the entire office environment by opting for more visually appealing pieces when it’s time to restock items.

Try these office setup ideas to create a workspace that supports creativity and productivity.

Choose Office Setup Colors

Creating a more vibrant workplace starts with color that can break up the typical gray or beige background that is prevalent in most offices. Choosing a color palette can be the foundation for the rest of your look since it provides a number of colors that all work together. You can apply this palette across your work area or in just one section.

Color choices are important, since color is purported to impact your mood and energy level. For example:

  • Blue promotes focus and efficiency, so use it in your workspace to help you better concentrate on your tasks.
  • Red works best when you want to create a lively work area as it encourages strength and energy.
  • Yellow sparks optimism and innovation, so incorporate it if you need a boost in creativity.
  • Green is ideal if you want a workspace that provides balance and harmony.
  • Orange inspires encouragement and warmth, and will make your desk welcoming to you and co-workers.

Find an Expressive Daily Planner

Many of us rely on day planners, calendars, notebooks or other items to track our work. Finding materials that align with personal style can increase motivation. Here are some tips for finding a planner with some pep:

  • Choose materials in your favorite color, or make it even more your own by decorating the cover in colorful, bright Washi tape.
  • Look for a customizable planner that lets you add and remove pages and dividers so you can arrange it based on your organization preferences.
  • Select colorful adhesive tabs to make important appointments or to-dos stand out on your planner pages. Use highlighters to make pages more visually stimulating.

Deck Out Your Desk

Office desk accessories are a good way to reflect each person’s personal style and make a space feel unique. These tactics can leave a personal imprint:

  • Colorful office supplies can liven things up. Choose items like file folders, organizing trays, staplers, pen holders and sticky notes within your color and design scheme to help your personality shine through.
  • Combat harsher florescent lighting by adding a desk lamp that provides softer tones. Try using a lightbulb that mimics natural lighting — this type of lighting can significantly reduce headaches and eye strain, according to Cornell University.
  • Eye-catching colors can add some fun to tech accessories. Look for laptop and keyboard covers, USB drives and headphones in dazzling colors that match your palette. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse can add more of a pop and are also more comfortable to use. Also consider getting a case for your smartphone that matches your color scheme to create a more cohesive tech look.
  • Add a bit of greenery. Plants in your workspace can provide a 6 percent boost in productivity and a 15 percent rise in creativity, according to office design firm Interface. Succulents are low-maintenance plants that are perfect for workspaces, and you can choose one in a colorful pot that goes with your palette.

Showcase Photos and Art

Having photos, images or art that inspire you aren’t just something nice to look at — there are performance perks involved, too. One-third of workers think art in the workplace helps lower stress and increase productivity, according to the Affordable Art Fair.

Consider these ideas to gain the benefits:

  • Put up calming nature pictures or cityscape art that provide non-office bits of scenery. Consider images that provide a window view, or other images that can add a sense of space to your work area.
  • Instead of framing photos of family and friends on your desk, tack your favorite pictures up on a bulletin board so that you can update and swap them out to feature the photos that are your current favorites.

Once you have added some flair to your workspace, consider periodic updates — perhaps once or twice a year. Swap out your photos, add some new color to your accessories, and otherwise continue to enhance your surroundings. By keeping your space fresh, you’ll be able to keep reaping the energizing benefits of surrounding yourself with style details that provide the support you need to do your best work.