The Office Manager's Spring Cleaning Master List

6 ideas for rejuvenating the workplace.

Office managers might laugh at the idea of "spring cleaning" — after all, they keep the office organized all year long. In fact, office managers spend about 51 percent of their time on organizing and stocking up supplies, according to a Staples poll.

But that may be all the more reason to take a step back and evaluate your office with fresh eyes. It could be the perfect moment to clear out the clutter, spruce things up and reset a few workplace habits.

From the supply closet to the breakroom, here are six spring cleaning tasks that will make your workplace shine a little brighter.

1. Start With a Deep Clean

It may be time for a special deep cleaning that goes above and beyond your everyday cleanup. Many items that don't get attention from your maintenance crew probably need some work. Light fixtures, vents, window treatments and shelving could probably use a dusting; phones, keyboards, light switches and door handles could use disinfecting, and windows and carpets might need a professional cleaning. Ask about having the cleaning crew do a deep clean.

2. Streamline and Organize

Open up your supply closet and start getting rid of outdated or unnecessary items. Purge old reference books, magazines, papers and files. Discard office supplies that are expired or no longer needed. Remember to give the breakroom some attention, tossing out anything old or broken.

Once you've disposed of all the excess items, refresh your organizing system. Is there a better way to organize your supplies, so your coworkers can access them more easily? Simplify your filing system as needed, sorting documents into categories that are easy for anyone in the office to search for. At minimum, make sure everything is properly labeled and sorted.

3. Restock Supplies

Once everything is organized, see which supplies need to be restocked. Make bulk orders of items you know your office will use. You might also want to improve your system for monitoring supply levels, so you can easily keep tabs on your stock.

You might keep an inventory of what you have, and audit what you use on a monthly basis to better track usage and spending. Then perform weekly or monthly stock checks. You can also take advantage of auto-restock subscription programs that deliver essentials on a recurring basis

4. Refresh Office Furniture

Take a look at your furniture: Are any pieces starting to look shabby? Do any tables have stains, or do your chairs have frayed upholstery? Ask your supplier about refurbishing chairs, tables or other items that might just need new upholstery or a some spot-fixing. Repair or replace anything that's broken, such as a wobbly desk or a chair that tilts to the side.

If your office just feels outdated, then it may be time for a new look that better represents your brand to clients and helps boost employee morale. A few new pieces can do wonders for your lobby seating area or breakroom.

5. Re-energize Your Recycling Program

Recycling programs can get confusing. What exactly is recyclable? Where should everything be placed?

Clearly label your bins and consider writing a simple explanation for what is recyclable and what is not, and hang it above the bins in a well-trafficked area. Now is also the time to institute an official program for recycling old electronics and ink cartridges — your vendors may be able to pick up certain items, making the task easier on you.

6. Reassess Tech Security

Addressing security can also be part of your spring cleaning efforts. Make sure all company-issued laptops and phones are password protected and loaded with the latest antivirus software. Purchase a shredder or hire a service to properly destroy sensitive documents. And schedule a meeting so all employees understand and use your company's security measures.

Whether you roll up your sleeves and do it yourself or delegate the job to another employee or vendor, spring cleaning can provide a fresh outlook on work for you and your team. It's a great way to start the season of renewal.