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Cleaning isn’t just for spring anymore. Explore below for year-round advice to keep your office space neat and tidy.


How to Battle Respiratory Allergies in K–12 Schools

About 1 in 10 kids has respiratory allergies; facilities managers can help school districts reduce allergens that trigger their symptoms by taking eight simple actions.

Getting Rid of Clutter: Pick a Method for Your Office

Many methods for getting rid of clutter in the home can be used in an office environment. Here are four popular decluttering trends and how to adapt them for the workplace.

How to Make Office Cleaning a Companywide Habit

Get some positive prompts that encourage coworkers to tidy up in your workplace.

Employee Organization: Get Rid of Coworker Clutter

How to encourage tidy habits in your workplace.

The Office Manager's Spring Cleaning Master List

6 ideas for rejuvenating the workplace.

3 Going Green Myths, Debunked

Going green is important for both the planet and your business, but first, take the time to separate eco-friendly product facts from marketing myths.

Take the Facility Site Assessment

Answer 9 simple questions to optimize your facilities work.

Webinar: Long Term Savings in the Restroom

Learn how to implement a few simple changes that will enable you to identify long term cost savings for your facility and be able to re-allocate that spend to other areas of your day-to-day business.