Keep Your Business Up and Running With a PC Tune-Up

If your device isn't running optimally, neither is your business. Here are the signs that it's time for a PC tune-up.

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When your devices are running slow, you can feel productivity slipping through your fingers. Besides causing headaches and hassles for workers, PCs and laptops not running at peak efficiency can also cost your business valuable time and money. You can resolve some issues by restoring your device, but other problems are better left to the pros. Here are some signs that it's time for a PC tune-up and a look at what that entails.

Signs That It's Time for A Tune-Up

You don't have to be a CIO to recognize the signs of an ailing device. Slow downloads, unexpected noises and taking excessive time to access files all indicate that you need a PC tune-up for your device to return to peak efficiency.

As your PC accesses more and more websites — even legitimate ones — it can slow down due to the cookies, adware and other information the web adds to your device. Over time, the sluggishness will worsen, as more of these operating nuisances accumulate on your device.

How often you need a tune-up depends on your usage and the age of your device. Older devices tend to have smaller processing capacity, slower chips and other dated technology that makes them slow down more quickly when issues arise. Even if you have a newer device, you accumulate cookies, adware and similar "junk" files more quickly if you use your device frequently. After your initial tune-up, you could plan them quarterly — or more often if you notice your device slowing down.

Components of a PC Tune-Up

While there are some utility programs that offer to speed up your PC or laptop, they may or may not fix the issue that you're having. It's also important to make sure that the work is done by a reputable source. Staples offers a professional PC tune-up, in which technicians clean up your PC. Performing such a tune-up helps speed up your device by:

  • Elimination of device-slowing cookies and other extraneous files that can clog up a PC.
  • Removal of dust and dirt buildup. Either of these can lead to the device not getting proper ventilation and overheating. Excess heat can damage drives and other critical components.
  • Disk defragmentation. This optimizes your disk by eliminating empty fragments and consolidating other files across a smaller portion of the disk.
  • Application and system updates. You may or may not have all of the latest updates for your applications, drivers, etc. If you have some updates and lack others, your device won't run at optimal speed.

In addition to PC tune-ups, Staples offers more extensive services, including virus protection and removal, premiere PC on-site setup, network setup and repair, and a year of premium tech support.

By tuning up your computer, you can make it run much faster and heighten your productivity — both of which are essential for the success of a small business.