How Marketing Automation Software Will Streamline Your Next Campaign

Marketing automation tools and real-time data can make all the difference in your marketing campaigns. Here's why.

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Major enterprises aren't the only ones that are reaping the benefits of marketing automation tools. Small businesses are moving to automated marketing practices, too, and they're seeing big results.

Automated marketing involves software or technologies that help businesses streamline or eliminate repetitive marketing tasks. By using automation tools and taking advantage of real-time data, your business will be on its way to more efficient and effective marketing campaigns and workflows.

Streamline Processes and Expand Capabilities

There are various automated marketing tools available that will allow you to eliminate monotonous daily tasks and, in turn, potentially increase productivity and revenue. For instance, email marketing tools, such as MailChimp or Pardot, allow your business to create a targeted series of emails to your customers. These emails can be scheduled by date and time or triggered by an event or subscriber activity. They may consist of welcome letters, newsletters, follow-ups, coupon offers or in-stock alerts. For instance, you can automatically follow up with your customers after they make a purchase and generate recommendations for future purchases — an action triggered by their historical shopping behavior.

Other marketing automation vendors like Infusionsoft allow you to import and organize customer contacts by using tags and segmentation. This platform tracks and records customer leads and subsequently scores each lead based on ease of conversion. By using the system's results, you can decide how to best target the high-rated leads as well as the potential customers who are currently undecided. For customers contemplating a purchase, you can automatically send personalized emails to remind them of items abandoned in their shopping carts.

You can also utilize automated marketing tools to help determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. For example, GetResponse uses analytics to track customers who have visited your website or opened your emails. Additionally, the platform allows you to see what links visitors are clicking on the most and when leads turn into conversions.

Take Advantage of Real-Time Marketing Data

Marketing automation software tools and apps that work with real-time data and offer real-time sales alerts, lead alerts, dashboards, personalization, tracking and social analytics help you better target your customers. This can be especially beneficial after your customers perform certain actions on your website, such as providing their email address or filling out a form. From there, the system can instantly make an offer optimally targeted to that particular consumer, which may include cross-sell or retention opportunities.

A marketing automation platform can also enable you to target customers on their mobile devices based on real-time location data. Juniper Research indicates that location-based targeting will grow from $13 billion in 2015 to $44 billion in 2020.

A combination of marketing automation tools that provide real-time data can help your business gain actionable insights and run marketing campaigns with enterprise-level sophistication.