Use Personalized Marketing to Add a Festive Touch to Packages This Holiday Season

You don't need a big budget to add personalized marketing to your packaging this holiday season. Try these four ideas to add a festive touch.

While holiday packaging may bring to mind retail giants like Starbucks and Coca-Cola, even small businesses like yours can get in on the fun. You don't need a massive budget — personalized marketing with a seasonal spin may be as simple as choosing packaging materials in holiday colors and shipping them with a special, customized holiday message.

Try these four ideas to add a festive touch when packing and shipping items:

Add a Holiday Spin to Packing Material

The holidays are a busy time for many businesses, especially those providing and mailing gift items that may be fragile. Why not send your customers a little holiday cheer by choosing packaging material in holiday colors or patterns?

Try using red Shred Tissue Paper (also called krinkeleen) instead of your usual material to cushion the most delicate items. Or use a sheet of Holiday Tissue Paper along with your traditional colors to show customers your festive spirit.

Seek Out Patterned Packaging

Although "personalized marketing for the holidays" may not be in your business budget, there are a few ways to show your seasonal spirit without spending more than anticipated. You can switch to Business Holiday Envelopes for the month of December when sending correspondences, invoices and paperwork accompanying products you're shipping (or even just sending regular company mail).

Are you shipping boxed materials? If so, seal the containers shut with cheap-but-cheerful Colored Masking Tape in red or green. Or, better yet, wrap it up with a Christmas-colored ribbon or bow. Add a short personalized message, like "Happy Holidays, Joe! Thank you for your business," that will show your customers you appreciate each one of them.

Create Themed Shipping Labels

If seasonal packaging isn't in your shipping budget, try Holiday Card Address Labels. This is an easy way to spread some cheer while just doing things you normally would partake in. Pop a sheet into your printer and quickly generate a sheet of seasonal printed address labels.

And if you're sending out an envelope with your package, you can add a Holiday Seal label to the back for an extra festive touch. This is inexpensive to do, and adds a splash of the season to a regular white envelope.

Customize Holiday Inserts

Spread the holiday spirit to your customers when shipping products by providing a seasonal fun activity as part of your packaging. One way is to slip in one bright piece of Card Stock printed with Christmas gift labels for your customers to use for their own gift-giving.

Another option is to capitalize on the popularity of coloring books for adults and include a couple of holiday-themed coloring sheets for customers to enjoy. Try a Christmas tree, ornament or winter scene coloring page. The blog Easy Peasy and Fun has downloadable coloring sheets you can print for this exact occasion. To truly catch your customer's eye, add a personalized greeting to the page.

Spreading a little holiday joy doesn't require a lot of money. With some imagination and the right packaging supplies, you'll soon come up with creative ideas that are sure to delight your customers.