Corporate Gifts That Ease Holiday Errands for Employees

Here are five practical ideas to make this year's holiday season a breeze.

Office managers have to choose corporate gifts that fit company budgets, align with gift-giving policies and leave colleagues excited. One way to help your colleagues get through the madness of their own holiday rush is buying practical gifts that make it easier to handle holiday-related responsibilities. Not only will they appreciate your thoughtfulness, but you'll know that your gift made a difference in their workloads. Here are five practical gift ideas that will help your team reduce their stress and get more done efficiently from Thanksgiving to New Year's.

Holiday Supplies

Have you considered giving holiday supplies to a colleague? Wrapping sets that include paper, boxes, bows and tags make it easier for colleagues to keep up with their own holiday errands. Consider making packages that include all the essentials of gift wrapping, and don't forget to include practical touches like tape. You can also include novelty holiday supplies such as gift card boxes or bags designed especially for wine bottles. Having these on hand will make wrapping any gift a cinch.

Note Cards and Stamps

Blank note cards are a practical gift that your colleagues will use throughout the year, and especially during the holidays. People often need to reach out to say thank you for a gift, extend an invitation to an event or simply let a loved one or friend know they're in their thoughts. Blank note cards let you customize the message and add a meaningful handwritten touch in today's digital age. Note cards can be selected based on your colleague's tastes, from elegant embossed designs to trendier options with bold splashes of color. Include a book of stamps to save your colleague a trip to the post office.

Gift Cards

Gift cards help your colleagues finish last-minute shopping or cover expenses that pile up during the holidays. Gas cards, restaurant gift certificates for holiday get-togethers, cards to big box stores and online retailers, and cash cards that can be used anywhere give your team maximum flexibility. Busy office managers can order gift cards online or over the phone well in advance of the holidays to minimize running around.

Technology Gifts

A tech-focused gift can help your co-worker be more efficient during the holiday rush or just blow off a little steam. Options are available at every price point. On the lower end, look at portable phone chargers for when phone batteries run out or wireless earbuds to listen to a podcast on the go. For the mid- to higher-tier budgets that still fall under $100, smart speakers and generic tablets let your colleagues do last-minute online shopping and stay connected while running errands.

There's an App for That

Apps are a great gift that can help your colleagues get more done. Consider options such as calendaring software, to-do list apps, shopping list and gift idea trackers, or apps that can help save a parking spot in a crowded mall lot. A mindfulness app can also help stressed colleagues find a zen space during this busy time of year. Depending on how your colleagues like to spend their digital time, you can increase their efficiency without adding to the holiday clutter.

With creativity and planning, you can choose gifts that show your colleagues appreciation while also helping them efficiently manage their holiday responsibilities. Balance practicality and personalization for a seasonal gift choice that will win every time!