8 Holiday Office Decor Ideas to Transform Your Small Business on a Budget

Here are eight easy and affordable office decor ideas that will help transform your small business workspace during the holidays.

The holidays are approaching, but chances are high that you have a limited budget to spend on decorating your small business. That doesn't mean you have to miss out on the holiday cheer, though. Adding a dash of seasonal energy to your workspace certainly shouldn't break the bank.

The following eight office decor ideas are easy and affordable — and will help transform your workspace during the holidays:

1. Think Cheap and Get Creative
Start with the free stuff. Gather holiday cards that you receive from your customers or suppliers, and find a spot in the office to display all of them. Holiday cards come with colorful graphics and are, in essence, ready-made decor. A collection of client cards can create a festive display and get everyone into the holiday spirit, as well as remind employees how much their work matters to the customers.

2. Be Crafty With What You Have
Perhaps you have access to some of last season's holiday decorations and company greeting cards. If so, repurpose these materials to make a few festive office decorations. Encourage your employees to get in on the fun and make some of their own.

Another inexpensive way to transform your workplace into a winter wonderland is by using scrap, recycled paper to cut out some intricate snowflake designs. Hang the snowflakes from the ceiling with some string, or tape them onto walls. If you're having trouble with creating pretty designs, a simple online search for examples may help (or have your kids cut some for fun!).

3. Use Technology for Small, Festive Touches
Ask your employees to update their computers with holiday wallpapers or screen savers, and in turn, you can virtually light up your company's workspace with festive images and seasonal spirit. Communicate a source that you approve of to help ensure safe file downloads.

4. Tap Your Employees for Seasonal Decor
Encourage your employees bring in some of their favorite decorations from home, and allow them to decorate their own workspace. All you have to do is establish ground rules and then let them have it. To boost employee morale even further, try devising a contest for the best or most creative display.

5. Think Outside the Box, and Repurpose It
Gather some empty boxes, and buy some inexpensive gift wrapping paper. Now you're on your way to creating some festive boxes that are sure to please the eye. Simply wrap the boxes as you would a gift, and stack, group or place them in various spots around your business. Add some ribbon or bows for a nice touch.

6. Go Simple for Sentimental Style
Adding office decor in the form of garlands and candy canes can also give your workspace some holiday cheer. For example, hook some candy canes to garland that's displayed around cubicles, entryways or break room areas.

Buy some bare artificial wreaths from your local craft store, and decorate them with some ribbon or simple ornaments. Keep in mind that thrift stores may have ready-made decorations that won't just fit your budget nicely, but also save you time.

7. Consider Small Details
Office decor and festive supplies are essential during the holiday season. For instance, have your employees bring in their favorite holiday mugs, or purchase a few yourself. Thrift shops and dollar stores are good places to find this type of item.

8. Upgrade the Office's Decorative Treats
Don't forget that most people are usually on the lookout for a tasty treat around the holidays. Therefore, consider filling some mason jars with peppermint candies or cookies. You can decorate the lid with a bow or item of choice. Place them on your employees' desks or anywhere else you see fit.

These eight office decor ideas are surefire ways to get you and your employees into the holiday spirit. Try a combination of tips that work best for you to make this holiday season the best ever for your small business.