5 Everyday Items That Make Stylish Gifts

These stylish gifts come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit everyone on your gift list. Even better, they're things that can be used every day.

This holiday season, find everyday items to give as stylish gifts to the trendy people in your life. Just because you have some fashionable, picky people on your list doesn't mean you must buy them extravagant presents. You also don't need to know high-end couture to get it right.

Here are five great gifts that come in a variety of styles, so you can buy the version that best suits your recipient's taste:

1. Journals and Notebooks
Notebooks are a fantastic small gift idea, since those who use them will do so daily. Even better, they're fairly inexpensive for gift-buyers on a budget.

Whether your recipient is an organized person who uses a daily planner or just someone who likes to write, notebooks and journals are always cherished. Moleskine is one of the trendiest brands in this realm. They are professional-looking, while also offering options in a range of sizes and colors.

2. Laptop Cases
Give a laptop case as a single gift on its own, as a stocking stuffer or included as a secondary gift when giving a laptop. Cases come with a variety of functions and designs, including simple, soft-sleeve laptop cases with many patterns and colors. If you're looking to get something for a fashionista friend of yours, the Cosmic Black Floral Laptop Case by Cynthia Rowley is a sleek option.

Think about the interests of people on your list. Choose items with their favorite sports team logos, preferred brands or beloved art as stylish gift options. Some brands carry a whole line of complementary products with the same design — so you can find matching items for future gifts.

3. Desk Sets
A comprehensive desk set, like this chic selection from Erin Condren, has a bit of everything, especially for students or busy professionals. It includes pencils, binder clips, notepads, erasers, a pencil sharpener and more. Not just a plain-Jane standard stationery kit, this set is colorfully designed and comes in an organizational box to brighten up a home office, study or dorm room. It's perfect as a small gift and is ideal for a family or workplace gift swap.

4. Message Boards
Whether used at home or at work, message boards are a handy spot to collect and share useful information daily. However, useful doesn't have to translate to utilitarian.

Martha Stewart has an entire collection of message boards, wall calendars and decals in several styles and colors. If you need to get a gift for a friend that has a big work project coming up or your sister who is remodeling her home, these products will keep her organized and stylish during all the chaos.

5. Luggage
Pouches, lunch bags and backpacks are useful gifts for busy people. And the style you choose for your gift lets you demonstrate how well you know a person.

Consider whether the recipient carries a lot of stuff around, likes to take short trips or goes to the gym before work. If so, this Silver Polyester Backpack or floral Dark Romance Weekend Bag is a good fit. If a daily coffee is part of her routine, look for a pretty pouch or Phone and Wallet Wristlet to hold loose change and a loyalty card. Elevate the brown bag lunch with a reusable, durable and fashionable Lunch Bag in navy blue with pink stripes.

When choosing stylish gifts for people on your list, remember to pick unique items that reflect the person's individual personality, as well as objects you imagine her using daily. Whatever it is, giving a practical but trendy item is something you — and everyone on your list — can appreciate throughout the upcoming year.