No workplace is complete without a space designated for things other than work. Collect some inspiration for making the most of your breakroom.


Breakroom: The Overlooked Indirect Spend Category

Read this fact sheet to learn how a partner you already know and trust, Staples, can keep your breakroom stocked with the coffee, water, and snacks your business needs.

The Ever-Evolving Breakroom

From cafeteria-style tables to the watercooler and the ubiquitous coffeepot, the images that the word "breakroom" conjures up for workers can vary

Building a Case For a Better Breakroom

Get the facts you need to get moving on a new and improved breakroom for your workplace.

6 Tips to Stocking your Breakroom While Reducing Costs

6 tips to stocking your breakroom while reducing costs

How to Unleash Maximum Breakroom Benefits

Get advice on how to improve your office's breakroom.

Coffee: My Favorite Productivity Tip

On October 1, I joined Staples and a large online audience for a Twitter party about two of my favorite topics—coffee and productivity. I was delighted to participate, because the two go great...

4 Ways the Breakroom Can Make or Break Your Office

How can employers leverage the breaks of a bygone era to ensure productivity?

3 Best Practices for the Breakroom

Drop the pen. Put your phone on vibrate (or better yet, power down). Stick an "out to lunch" note on your door or monitor. It's time to take a break. We have perfected the art of the break. There...