Catering to the Types of Coffee Drinkers in Your Office

Here are four common ways that your co-workers get their coffee on.

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As the office manager, you know all too well about the preferences employees have when it comes to their morning cup of joe. Having the right coffee brewing solution to meet those preferences could make your office more productive.

For example, according to the National Coffee Association, consumption of espresso-based beverages has almost tripled since 2008, so that's definitely being felt in the office. The same report found that many respondents view workplace coffee as an important perk and over half (54 percent) reported that they were less than "very satisfied" with their coffee situation at work. Many offices are taking notice and increasing the quality of the coffee and variety of brewing options they provide to employees.

Here's a quick guide to help you identify some of the types of coffee drinkers in your office and help meet their needs.

1. Can't Wait K-Cuppers

It's all about the speed with these folks. How quickly can they get caffeine into their cup and be on their way? While quality is somewhat important — they love it when their bosses get gourmet K-cups — convenience is top of mind. Did we mention speed? Smart office managers keep a working Keurig machine and many cartons of K-cups on hand for these common coffee drinkers. It's pretty simple to keep them happy.

2. Espresso Aficionados

You won't find a K-cup in this crowd. They want the good stuff, and they aren't willing to sacrifice. Most importantly, they're willing to wait. The National Coffee Association found that older millennials, between the ages of 25 and 39, are more likely to have espresso in their mug. If your office is filled with younger workers, consider watching the sales for espresso makers and then bringing up a possible purchase with your boss (over coffee). Be sure to explain that the machine is an investment in employee happiness, engagement and office culture, not simply a coffee maker.

3. Percolator People

This blast from the past is making a comeback. Yes, the popularity of "Mad Men" probably has something to do with it. These drinkers are likely throwbacks in many other parts of their life, as well — movies, books and maybe even clothes. Since percolators aren't common in most break rooms, you can set yourself apart by providing this slow-drip coffee pot. Give your employees something to gather around and talk about.

4. French Press Fanatics

The giveaway is the coffee cup with the name of a French bakery on the side — or perhaps croissant crumbs on their desks. When these coffee lovers aren't frequenting their favorite European-style café, they want coffee slow-brewed in a French press to enjoy in between meetings. Since French presses are more affordable than other coffee makers, having one in your kitchen or break room is an easy way to keep these folks happy (and in the office, instead of the coffee shop down the street). Just make sure you have a hot water steamer available as well.

As an office manager, you want your co-workers to be happy and engaged. Most importantly, you have the power to lobby the business owner to prioritize high-quality coffee. Once your co-workers taste the new coffee and your boss sees how much livelier everyone is during morning meetings, you'll be the office hero.