Strategic Sales Tactics to Grow Your Business in the Short and Long Term

Strategic Sales Tactics to Grow Your Business in the Short and Long Term.1

Strategic sales planning can help your business grow and thrive even in the face of slow quarters. Here's what you need to know.

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Handwashing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness to others. If soap and water are not available — say, if you’re in a crowded meeting room and just sneezed — use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol. Offer hand sanitizing products to support employee hand hygiene and prevent the spread of germs on individual phones, computer keyboards, desks and other workspaces.   

Clean hands are an easy way to keep your workforce healthy and increase productivity. For more information or to order free posters that encourage effective handwashing, visit CDC’s

“When we think about professional development, a lot of organizations do think that there’s a heavy cost that has to be associated with it, and there’s not,” says Natasha Bowman, president and founder of Performance Renew. “It’s really about utilizing the resources that you already have available.”

Professional development programs allow employees to update and improve upon their skills, creating a more versatile and capable workforce. Best of all, these employees are more likely to stick around.

“Professional development is one of the best ways to retain employees,” says Gabe Zichermann, speaker and futurist at “Retention of good employees is the main benefit of good professional development.”

In fact, a survey by Better Buys, a company that delivers insights on business and technology to help companies make smarter purchasing decisions, found that 75% of employees with professional development opportunities are likely to stay with a company for an additional five years.

Look at the cost-effective ways to implement this essential part of your company’s success.



When sales are down, there are several ways to bring customers in the door and start improving your cash flow. Strategic sales planning can help you turn around performance by focusing on immediate actions and setting the stage for sustainable growth in the future.

Here are a few strategic sales strategies to help get over a slowdown and lay the foundation for stronger months ahead.

Be Smart About Sales and Promotions

Customers love a bargain, but it's important not to reflexively slash prices whenever cash flow lags. Instead of inventory-wide sales or generous discounts, offer slight deals on your most popular or unique items to get people in the door. Cluster related items together in a slightly discounted package deal — such as selling a trio of picture frames as a sensibly priced set.

Host a Seasonal Event

Find a seasonal tie-in to get people in the door. July 4th, back to school, the winter holidays, Valentine's Day and more can all provide the hook to host an event that gets customers energized and motivated to spend. Think about the natural inflection points during your slow quarters and create excitement around them.

Invest in a Marketing Blitz

If your marketing efforts have been sporadic or on the back burner, it's time to invest. Look at making use of a variety of channels, including reaching out to your email list, mailing out newsletters and fliers, buying advertisements, posting signs and working social media. Get your brand front and center with consumers and remind them why they should come through your door.

Don't Overlook Loyalty

Consider offering a special deal to your most loyal customers. A loyalty program encourages buyers to build a relationship with you and make you a preferred vendor. Offer exclusive discounts, merchandise and personalized support to sweeten the deal.

Use Slow Periods Strategically

Use the time you have during slow periods to set the stage for future success. When did you last update your customer database or conduct a full inventory check? Now is an excellent time for finding ways to run your business more cost-effectively, and to refine your offerings or come up with something new. When business picks up, you'll be better positioned to ring up more sales and forge stronger bonds with your customers.

Invest in Training

Training your team on selling techniques can have an immediate payoff, as well as compounding benefits. Assess your team's sales abilities when customers call or walk into your store. A training course, books or coaching can be affordable investments that yield big returns.

Automate Your Marketing Operations

Create a regular calendar for digital marketing, and know in advance when you're going to print custom holiday flyers, for example. It's easy for business owners to get too busy, but having a clear marketing plan can keep momentum going and stave off a slump.

Look for Trends and Plan Ahead

Look at your sales history. When you can track what sells, and when, you can better plan your marketing campaigns, promotions, events and cost-saving measures. Dive into your records to see what patterns emerge; if you don't do a great job of tracking your data, now's the time to start. Once you have a clear view of your business's trends, you can map the coming months to use every up and down to its greatest advantage.

If sales are down, never fear. Use a mix of long-term and short-term sales strategies to sustain a healthy cash flow throughout the year.