Spring Cleaning Your Brand

Are you ready to wow your customers, or do your business cards and booth displays need a spring cleaning?

Spring is coming, and in addition to the welcome relief from the months of winter, warmer months bring with them the promise of more face-time with your customers. You're excited and ready—but while you've been spending the winter months communicating by email, building your online presence and making phone calls, the tools you'll need to leave the right impression in-person have been gathering dust. It's the perfect time to take a look and see what you need to make sure your business grows along with the plants and flowers on their way this spring.

Brush off the business cards. This is probably the easiest—and most overlooked—way to make sure you're prepared going into a new season of selling. While smartphones have revolutionized the way we collect and utilize contact information, business cards are still the fastest, easiest and most dependable way to provide your information while still marketing your business. But when's the last time you actually looked at your cards? Is the information current? Have you changed or advanced job titles? Does the logo match your current brand? Are they in good condition, or beaten up from being carried around on the ready? A sharp new design and professional printing can bring this business standard up to date and up to discerning standards for your busy season.

Evaluate your events. Depending on your business, you might have tradeshows and events all year long. If you're heavily involved with local organizations, however, you might see a big boom in the warmer months, when community events can reach their peak. Are you ready? A display that represents your business is key, from the branding to the total presentation. It's not too late to be ready for those high-traffic situations. And if you're bringing people to your table or booth to chat, it's important that you do this next thing…

Manage your materials. Think of your printed materials as the next level of conversation after your business card. The information should be succinct but complete, up to date and accurate, and with a clear direction for your customer to contact or buy. And, like your business cards, you want to make sure your brochures and fliers aren't worse for the wear after a year (or more) of storage and being transported from place to place.

See to your signage. While you're out shaking hands, exchanging business cards and boosting your business, your office is still there to make a silent, visual impression on customers and potential customers. Signage, especially seasonal, supplemental or window signage, should be replaced and replenished after a winter of being exposed to the elements.