Making Customized Banners? 6 Qualities You Want in a Printing Service

Customized banners are a great marketing tool, but you'll need the right printing service to get your project just right. Look for these six qualities.

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Customized banners are like billboards that take your message from bland to brand magic. They can enhance brand recognition, engage customers and get them to visit your business. They also offer a lot of design real estate space. If they're poorly designed or printed incorrectly, however, all that impact is potentially lost.

You'll need the right printing service to get your banners across the finish line. To get from the concept to customer conversions, you need to work with the right partner every step along the way. Here are six things to keep in mind when selecting a printer for your project:

1. Capacity
A short timeline may take your list of potential banner printing services from many to just a few (or even only one). Look for vendors who have the flexibility to prioritize your project — preferably without incurring additional costs — or the adequate capacity to ensure they can fulfill your orders on short notice.

2. Capabilities
Customized banners may require unique sizing and other flexible options. Choose a printing service that approaches the process from the standpoint of meeting your distinct printing needs, rather than forcing your project to fit their templates.

3. Convenience
Time is money. Look for a printing service that makes it easy to communicate, submit project requirements, upload artwork, find pricing or get a quote. The last thing you want is to get to the end of your project only to find that you can't upload your artwork, especially if you're pushing a hard deadline or trying to submit files after hours.

Likewise, look for a printer who is willing to keep you updated on your project, so unexpected printing delays don't negatively affect your business plans.

4. Collaboration and Quality Control
The best printing services help with the process every step along the way. If your design is still in the conceptual phase, they have artists that can put your concept into form.

Regardless of whether they assist in the design process, choose a printing service that includes quality control at no additional cost. Examples of quality control include proofreading, ensuring that graphics are high resolution (and will scale without losing integrity) and making sure the design is properly aligned for the medium.

5. Character
Check the internet for reviews, ratings and Better Business Bureau reports, and ask printing companies for references from other customers. What you learn here will tell you what to expect when you work with a particular service. Bad reviews aren't an automatic disqualification — but they could be a sign of potential problems.

6. Cost
Cost is listed last to make the point that while it's something to contemplate, any of the points above could be a more important consideration. Weigh pricing based on whether a printing company can meet all the other requirements you have.

The investments you make in customized banners can enrich your brand image. Take time to develop a process so you choose a printer who understands and embraces their role in partnering with you to grow your company.