Booklet Printing Advice to Make the Most of Your Custom Print Job

Use these booklet printing tips to make the most of your custom print marketing materials this holiday season (and year-round).

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In this technological era, booklet printing is still a relevant and cost-effective marketing tool, especially during the holidays — whether for street-corner marketing, trade shows or as mini catalogs.

By creating a booklet for either long- or short-term use, a unique design acts as a compelling form of marketing and brand resonance for your business. To make your company's print materials shine, here are a few tips for booklet printing this holiday season:

Keep It Small but Detailed

For effective street marketing, design a pocket-sized booklet to minimize the chance of the person throwing it away. In addition to critical business contact details and information, try incorporating a key money-saving offer like a coupon into your print material.

In urban areas with high pedestrian traffic, businesses looking to increase brand and/or product awareness commonly use street corner marketing to reach out to the public face-to-face. When doing this, you want to bring a visual aspect to your own street corner promotion with brochures that can be handed out to passersby while you publicize your business.

Think Evergreen Over Seasonal

If your business participates in trade shows, home shows or vendor markets during the holidays, make sure booklet printing is high on your preparatory to-do list. When placing your booklet order, remember the holidays include some of the busiest shopping days of the year. Consider designing a booklet that's evergreen to save money on a larger custom print order. Then, for holiday trade shows or markets, clip a time-limited coupon or offer to the booklets to give them a timely, seasonal appeal.

Once you have an idea that works for your year-round, design your product or service brochures and order them online. You can then visit the local print shop for easy pickup.

Find Space for Extra Elements

While holiday-specific booklets may not suit all businesses, remember that booklets can also serve as a catalog or magazine in the holiday season, giving businesses a space to advertise themed products or lines. When printing a holiday-themed booklet, look for ways to include a variety of holiday-specific things, like recipes, crafts or activity ideas. Add compelling imagery and information to the cover to entice the reader to open it. By including these useful holiday details, people will be more likely to read the entire booklet and keep it for those specific recipes and activities.

Don't Forget Customization

Now's the time to update your brand with an eye-catching new look that will resonate with your customers. Brand resonance starts with a customized logo, color, font and imagery that the public associates with your company. Whether you're printing a booklet or brochure, prominently display your custom logo on the cover. Rather than blend in with the rest, your booklet should be as eye-catching as possible. Use a customized font for your company name or unique booklet title.

As much as you may love digital products, print materials still have value and give customers a tangible link to your business. The holidays are a great time to distribute print brochures with a coupon or a holiday-themed booklet to increase your brand presence.