5 Ways to Boost Relationship Building With Branded Products

With customers, industry peers and even employees, relationship building is vital for small businesses. Here are 5 branded, promotional products that help.

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Relationship building helps growing organizations foster a strong sense of teamwork among employees, reminds customers that they're connected, and helps increase brand visibility. Whether it's a team uniform or a piece of technology with your logo, promotional items can be a great investment in keeping your brand connected to key audiences. Here are five everyday products that you can brand to keep your organization top of mind.

1. Build Team Spirit with Branded Apparel

As Strategic HR notes, millions of people wear uniforms to work every day. Advantages to uniforms in the workplace range from helping your team shift into a work mindset to making it easier for customers to identify your staff. Consider keeping your uniforms classic and professional with colored shirts emblazoned with your logo. If your organization isn't consumer-facing, you can still give your team branded t-shirts to wear when they want.

2. Keep Tech Safe with Branded Laptop Bags

Whether your team relies on tablets or laptops, a well-designed laptop bag can advertise your brand and protect your technology investment. A laptop bag that features your logo, tagline and brand colors brings together your team's image, while also ensuring that tech taken to client sites or carried during employees' commutes is well cared for.

3. Write the Future with Branded Pens

As Promo Marketing Magazine reports, the branded writing implement market is seeing significant innovation. Today, it's possible to get anything from mass-produced, inexpensive pens with your logo and tagline to high-end giveaways for top clients. The benefit of branded writing implements — from pens to whiteboard markers — is that they're so useful, clients and other recipients are likely to keep them on hand and use them frequently.

4. Invest in Fitness with Branded Water Bottles

People are more focused on fitness and health than ever before — and water intake is often in the spotlight. Make it easy for customers to remember your brand with a water bottle that features your logo. A range of items are available for various budgets, from inexpensive plastic bottles to high-end and eco-friendly metal bottles. A high-quality water bottle is a gift that will help recipients remember your brand.

5. Keep Your Brand Close at Hand with a Phone Case

Few devices receive as much attention as smartphones. Smartphones often cost hundreds of dollars and are a vital part of both work and life, so people usually do their best to protect them. A branded phone case is a highly useful item that can keep your company's image close to employees, customers and other connections. Consider going for subtle branding by designing the case with your company colors and a small logo in one corner to increase the chances that it'll be used and appreciated.

It's important that business owners have a strategy for relationship building, and branded products can keep that relationship active even when you're not face to face with customers. Give them away at events, offer them to employees, send them to clients, and incorporate them in your onboarding process for new hires and interns. Take the time to ensure that they create a positive impression of your brand and show your appreciation for the connection with the recipient. Pairing a thoughtful, branded gift with a personalized note or a heartfelt word of thanks for being a loyal customer or hard-working employee can go a long way toward forging relationships that last a lifetime.