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Customer Service

Advice for small and midsized businesses looking to maximize customer relationships.


5 Can't-Fail Steps to Handling Loyal Customer Complaints

Every business receives customer complaints. Here are five things to keep in mind when handling complaints from longtime, valued customers.

Trade Secrets: 3 Must-Have Customer Retention Tactics

Customer retention is the ultimate sign of small business success and building brand loyalty will always require a little extra effort

4 Customer Service Strategy Tips for Small Businesses

Every small business needs a customer service strategy to set them apart from competitors. Here are 4 tips for building and maintaining customer loyalty.

Online Reputation Management: 3 Important Tips

Online reputation management is important for your small business. Here are three tips to keep your online reputation intact.

Logistic Issues? Handle Shipping Problems to Provide Positive Customer Experiences

If you ship any products, shipping problems are inevitable. When they arise, take these specific actions to handle them and keep your customers happy.

The 5 Customer Service Skills You Need to Ensure Your Employees Have

Five critically important customer service skills that every employee must have.