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Advice for small and midsized businesses looking to maximize customer relationships.


Allocating Time for Customer Service Inquiries: 3 Ways to Prioritize

Allocating time for customer inquiries is a challenge for every SMB owner. Here are 3 steps to prioritize inquiries and build a culture of rapid response.

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Your Customers Are Mobile — Are You?

Small businesses: How easily can your customers find and interact with you through their mobile devices? Four questions to consider.

Boost Your Customer Service Strategy With Data Analytics Tools

Data analytics tools aren't just a luxury for large corporations. These three tools are specifically tailored to small businesses, and can remove some headaches from your customer service strategy.

Balancing "The Customer is Always Right" with Your Company Policies

Every business needs rational policies, but they also want to live by the motto "the customer is always right." Here's how to balance the two.

Want to Improve Customer Retention? Talk to the Ones Who Got Away

Customer communication is the crux of different strategies for customer retention and to win back business from those who have left.

The Perfect Handwritten Thank-You Note in 6 Steps

A handwritten thank-you note not only conveys gratitude to your customers, but also leaves a lasting impression and helps build a thoughtful relationship.